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Helix Techniques

The Helix “Original” shear allows freedom from the limitations of precision hair cutting methods. Each Helix Shear blade is CURVED – to eliminate heavy points and square lines. The cutting edge is TORQUED or twisted to create a spiral movement


Adding the final touch of elegance to your special event.  Our stylists boast vast technical expertise with every hair type and use top of the line hair care products.


Because it’s fun to change your look! Seasonal and trendy changes give you the confidence you need to boost your style. Color will enhance your shine and softening possible grey.

Ouidad Cutting & Styling

Ouidad offers Carve and Slice, the only trademarked cuttingtechnique for curly hair. Carve and Slice is our curl-specific angled cutting technique that removes the bulk from the sides so you aren’t left with the “pyramid look.”.

Kids Cut

Our stylists know how to move fast and get the job done before your kids get squirmy or when take a break and calm your kids if the they need a little extra time.

Partial Foil

Adding highlight/lowlight accents with out committing a full color. A beaufiful way to frame your face with soft dimension.

Corrective Color

Color didn’t match the box, or just doesn’t work for you? No Problem!
Our team can fix any color faux pas you might have made; we’ve been correcting hair color for decades. Make an emergency appointment and we’ll take care of you today!

Balayage / Ombre

Balayage: ( A French word meaning to sweep) A free hand artistic way of adding highlight accents to your hair.

Ombre: A modern color technique to create a soft look blending colors from darker to lighter


Our crew of stylists have access to the best thermal tools and use proper techniques to keep your hair healthy while undergoing a thermal process. We’ll keep you looking fresh, book with your favorite thairapist today.

Clipper Cut

Maintaining your professional style and keeping your spouse off your case. Clippering is a precise clean look that has become extremely trendy especially with young boys.


Coloring technique that adds dimension to select strands of hair and accents your style.